Westfalia Politie observatierek

Op 27 maart verschijnt er op The Samba een bijzondere advertentie.
Er word namelijk een gerestaureerd Politie observatie rek aangeboden van Westfalia.

Advertentie The Samba.com
Super rare 1950’s Westfalia Police roof rack Price: £2000
What we have here is super rare 1950’s Westfalia Police roof rack.
I have never seen one of these units for sale ever apart from this one!!
As you can see it has been restored meticulously, is complete and is in fantastic condition!
It even has the two original rack badges to prove its authenticity.
This is a stunning example and you will be hard pushed to find another one, let alone for sale!! …..especially in this condition!

The rack has a permeant ladder connected to it which is stored under the rack by way of two runners/small wheels, you just lift the ladder and pull it all the way out and down the side of your bus, then lift and push it back up to store. I have all the original unique bracket/clamps that hold it to the roof gutter, also all the rubber protectors and fixing bolts. Since the resto the rack has not been outside so look exactly as it does in the pictures.

I am based in the UK and could possibly ship at the buyers expense.

Ik heb een dergelijk dakrek pas één keer in het echt gezien.
Marco Derikx heeft een origineel rek in zijn bezit.
Marco geeft aan dat zijn rek origineler is dan de gerestaureerde aangezien daarbij de rubberen mat ontbreekt welke op het zwarte hout hoort te liggen.

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