NV-11-37 Volkswagen Transporter kombi 1954

Voormalige brandweer wagen van gemeente Varik.
De auto is gevonden in de Zilk en stond te koop voor 5000€.
De auto is uiteindelijk voor 2500€ verkocht aan een Engelsman.

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Deze Engelsman heeft de kombi weer rijdbaar gemaakt ,een paar kleine laswerkzaamheden verricht en de lak opgepoetst naar de originele laklaag Dove blue / duifjes blauw.
Na een aantal jaren Engeland is de bus verscheept naar Monterey, Amerika en daar staat deze nu te koop voor 82.500$

Verkoop foto’s van Holy Grail Garage.

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Verkoop advertentie Holy Grail garage.
1954 Barndoor Kombi, Original Dove Blue Paint, Ben Pon Tag, Super Cool Bus!

Here’s a particularly nice and remarkably original 1954 Kombi that came from the village of Varik in Holland. It was originally used as a support vehicle for their local fire department, was well taken care of, retired from service many years ago, and later made its way to a hardcore Bus enthusiast in the UK. It has been lovingly revived, lowered a bit, a vintage Westfalia styled Camper interior installed, some performance upgrades added, and it’s looking and running better than it has in decades.

Interesting details to note include the super cool original brass Ben Pon Dutch importation tag on the rear apron (Pon was the executive credited with “inventing” the Volkswagen Bus with his famous “Box On Wheels” line drawing back in 1947), the original Dutch dealership decal still intact on the decklid, the Varik, Holland coat of arms logos on the doors, an incredibly nice and original cab interior including the front seat in original upholstery, the original grey panels in unreal shape, original rubber floor mat, and strong original Dove Blue paint, too. This Bus is a low miler and the originality and lack of wear in the cab is excellent testimony to that fact!

The body is in impressive condition for an unrestored Barndoor that is still displaying the vast majority of its 63 year old original paint. A small amount of welding has been performed including a spot on the lower nose, a cab floor corner, lower doglegs, rockers, and the battery corner, too. There are some spots of rust still including some above the gutter on the passenger’s side. The owner chose to enjoy the Bus as it is as a preservation of a great survivor rather than get carried away on the restoration route. Key details to note include the original paint bumpers including the Barndoor long-ribbed front, the original Frese K1282 glass reflectors (that’s a miracle as we very very infrequently see Barndoors with their original reflectors and the reflector indents cleanly intact anymore!), the correct Hella K1509 Barndoor taillights, all the correct and original Barndoor doors, and another “unheard-of” detail is that the Bus still has both original keys; the ignition key, and the other key locks the driver’s door, cargo door, and decklid T handle, too!

The interior is in great shape with an entirely original cab in excellent unrestored condition and a Westfalia SO34 style Camping kit in the rear with oak wood laminate. Details to note include the very rare and original Barndoor/non-Deluxe rear view mirror, the excellent original-to-the-Bus cab panels, original front floor mat, excellent original steering wheel, beautiful and original flat back Barndoor front seat, nice original Dove Blue paint, and the rare accessory Barndoor Bambus parcel shelf, too! The Camping setup is well made, very clean, and practical for Camping as well. When the bed is set up and laid flat it measures 6’6″ so it’s comfortable for even the tallest passenger. Additional items that come with the Bus include an NOS and era appropriate Coleman camping stove, a matching Coleman ice chest, and a matching Coleman lantern, too.

Mechanically the Bus is a turnkey driver with several well-thought-out power and performance enhancements including a bored and stroked 74 by 88 engine with dual Zenith 32NDIX rebuilt carbs on Deano Dyno-Soars intake manifolds, big valve heads, ratio rocker arms, a mild cam, custom merged exhaust system, a 1967 straight axle trans, Porsche 356A brakes, and a custom front beam with Old Speed dropped spindles, too. It starts right up, idles nicely once warm, revs crisply, has plenty of power, and gets over 27 miles per gallon. Additionally the stat sheet shows that the Bus puts out over 112 peak horsepower, 119 foot pounds of torque at 4500 rpms, and cruises at a comfortable 60mph at 3000 rpms in 4th gear. This one is well engineered to be practical, economical, and have some performance in modern traffic as well.

Here’s your chance to get a great Barndoor Kombi that is so much better than the majority we ever see on the market. Those of you who know your Barndoors will quickly recognize this one as a standout to get excited about! Thanks!


Please note that this cool 1954 is located in Monterey, California.

Please visit my website at http://www.holygrailgarage.com/ to see the full album of pics of this Kombi, more interesting Vintage VW’s, Classic Cars, and Parts for sale. I also have a couple video clips of the engine starting, idling, and revving as well as a video of the Bus driving down the road to share with seriously interested parties.

Brendan Finn (858)366-2549 http://www.holygrailgarage.com brendanfinn666@yahoo.com

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