NS-13-62 Volkswagen Transporter bestelwagen 1954

NS-13-62 Volkswagen Transporter bestelwagen 1954
Het schijnt dat deze wagen jaren in een schuur in Schagen heeft gestaan en ergens in de jaren 90 naar Amerika is geëxporteerd.

Text Guido van Zundert
Hi Richard Duncan Jr, I can tell you something about this bus. I bought this bus in the Netherlands. It belonged to our local VW dealer in Roosendaal. He traded this bus in from the original owner. And kept it in his collection for a long time. After he died his daughters sold all the cars. At that time I couldn’t get my hands on it. But by surprise it ended up at a guy that was selling vintage vw’s. I worked for Lenny Copp and told him about this bus. Lenny wanted me to buy this bus for him. During Lenny’s first trip to the Netherlands I drove him in this bus to BBT. I shipped the bus to Californië. At that time they said it was the best and most original Barndoor ever seen. Lenny sold the bus to that Joe guy in New York. After couple years Joe asked Lenny to sell it for him. It got sold to Mr Komorri owner of Flat4 . They repainted the bus, put white walls on it. They screwed it up big time. So sad because it was all original. The sparetire was never used.

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